The Octagon

Did you know? I’m a big fan of martial arts. I run Potomac Kempo Martial Arts, in Kingstowne VA. Often I’m asked to make furniture or simple items for my students or training partners.

Meet Sensei Geof, a great friend, and training partner. We often say were friends just because we hit each other on a weekly basis. Geof has a method of teaching that uses 8 directional footwork. He has wanted a simple octagon, for his studio (Potomac Kempo in Huntington), as a reference to the 8 escape angles.

I made Sensei the octagon, from hardwoods, just scraps really, that I had laying around my shop. Maple, cherry and walnut, left in their natural state, no staining, the colors you see are the natural colors of the wood. I made the hands removable, using magnets to hold them in place, so a simple pull and you can remove one or all of the hands.

Renshi Geof, at his dojo: Potomac Kempo Martial Arts Huntington Metro


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