Poplar Wine Rack

This build, which was for a friend and a fellow Kempo student, was the first time I made something where nothing went wrong. Typically I have a mis cut, a major chip out, a design flaw, or some other random thing that makes me go duh. Not today, I carefully planned and took my time on the layout and was very happy with the process.

A perfect fit, now to fill it with wine, it’s designed to hold 28 bottles. A few moments after this photo; Lou left to go get more wine…

This was my first project after a major shop upgrade, Earlier this month I invested in a two stage dust collection system, and ran 4 inch duct with blast gates to each of my shop stations. Wow, what a difference.

I was also able to use my new 45 degree table saw sled, it made for safe, precise cuts.

Here is a slide show from some of the phots I took during the build, my first time using a slide show in a blog post too.

Oh and also, check out my new business cards 🙂

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