Waterfall Table

Live Edge Waterfall Coffee Table

It was the first weekend in October, the air was crisp and I was in a good mood. I had woken up early to walk Rooster, my spunky Golden Retriever, around my in-laws property. Since this was my birthday weekend I made a decision not to work on any unfinished projects but instead, spend time creating something unique.

Kristi and I had arrived on the previous day, we had nice lunch. Then I spent the evening in the shop flattening some live-edge slabs. To me this process is akin to moving meditation and I enjoy it. After a few hours, I turned in for the night. Still having no idea what I wanted to make, but excited about the possibilities.

Live edge walnut plained

I asked Kristi what she thought and we tossed a few ideas around, but made no decision. It wasn’t until my walk with Rooster I decided to make a “live edge waterfall table”.

What is a Waterfall Table?

A waterfall table is when the grain from the top flows seamlessly into the legs. I had made one two or three years back and was ready to up my game.

Rooster the dog
Rooster the dog #rossterthedoggo

The build process was smooth, I got the miters cut and glued, then we packed everything up and brought it back to Alexandria for me to work on at my home shop. Here is the finished photo:

This table is on my online store for purchase. (Click here to see my store) I love the waterfall effect on this piece. However, I’m just as excited with the other leg. It’s 12 degrees offset with the drawer matching that offset. The drawer is accessible from either side and is the perfect size to hold your favorite magazines and a remote or two. Here are some photos taken in our living room. You should picture it in yours.

The best part, is applying the finish. I used Rubio Monocoat. Here is a long video of the process.

Some photos from the build, see if you can figure out which parts I did at the big shop 🙂

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