Guitar Amp

Here sound quality was more important than looks, but hopefully we delivered both. My job was to make the box, then Chris – would dress it out with Tolex, grill cloth, add 2, 12 inch speakers, and all the electronics. He’ll also plug in one of his guitars, turn it on, turn it up, and play.

Chris is the lead guitarist for a local band “Say What Again”. He contacted me to build this rather complex box. Requesting finger joints for the construction; this type of joint is not only incredibly strong, but an excellent choice for sound dampening.

What I delivered
The finished amp

Chris wanted a tight, aggressive sound with lots of clarity and no “flubby bottom” so he guided me on material thickness and angle of the baffle, which holds the speakers. This was a fun, educational build, and I think I’d like to make a few more :). Below are some photos from the build. Enjoy.

Check them out!

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