Wood slab flattening

Working with large slabs, requires a different method to get the wood flat. Typically I work with thinner wood that fits on my jointer or through my planner. Things change when it comes to live edge slabs, especially when the project calls for live edges on both sides.

This slab I’m working with, while not huge, it’s to wide to be worked with my typically tools. The next video will show the use of a flattening jig. It’s a router with a large flat bit, that runs on rails. To set it up, first use a hot glue gun to secure the slab, use shims to shore up any gaps. Figure out the highest point and set the router cut depth to 1/32 or 1/16 lower than the highest point, slide the router over the rails until, its no longer the highest point, now repeat this process over and over.

The important thing is to let the tool do the work, don’t get greedy and try to take off to much, when you do, the spinning bit tends to grab, jump, bump, and scare the user who thought he was in control half to death. This is a time consuming process, but don’t fret I only show a small section and even that is sped up. Enjoy the video 🙂

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