Earthy Modern Bath Vanity

Ah, the bathroom vanity. Ever stroll down the plumbing aisle of your big box hardware store then see 20 to 30 of basically the same vanities, all made from particle board? A vast majority of my latest builds have been custom bathroom furniture (sink vanity’s). The NOVA area is full of small bathrooms and everyone wants to maximize their powder rooms functionality and style. This custom piece happened to be for the home of a local interior decorator, Jennifer of Haven Home Solutions you may have heard of her, as I have made other pieces for her clients, but this was for her home! So lets get to the build!

I used reclaimed oak for the legs and 3/4 oak plywood for the rest. The drawers where the hard part. People should understand that there is PLUMBING below the sink, so if you want drawers they need to be made with a notch, that the drawer basically folds around the plumbing when closed, not as simple as one thinks, and not as complex as I would tell you if you ask me to build you one ;). Try to find a vanity with drawers at a big box store, and you’ll be looking for a long time.

I’m not an interior designer, I just build what they want, so I’m not one to say why the drawer look is better than the door look, but if you look at this bathrooms end results I think you will agree: drawers rock. 🙂

Follow this link to Jenifers site to see her write up

Some photos of the build:

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