Picture Frame with Stand

Not everything works out as you initially envisioned it, knowing when to abandon an idea and go with something else, doesn’t mean failure. Dena, a dear friend, asked me to make a picture frame as a gift. She didn’t describe how she wanted the frame to look, the woods to use, or anything about the design, she only told me about the photograph and how it would be special for her uncle.

I decided to use sapele with an inserted maple section that had dentil molding work (dentil molding is a type of wooden trim that has blocks shaped like teeth). For the life of me I couldn’t get the corners to look right where the dentil molding connected, so I decided to scrap that idea and go with a smooth maple insert. Next, was the task of making a stand, not wanting the typical leg, I decided to use a thin sapel panel, with a tab that would insert into a base, it would also serve as the backing to hold the photograph and glass in place.

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