2 Custom Vanities

Kristi and I had an addition added on to our home, our contractor, Chris of Graves Design and Remodeling was awesome and we are very happy with our new sunroom/ conservatory :). Chris took note of some of my woodworking and when he needed a rush job for 2 custom vanities, he gave me a call. It turns out that due to Covid or perhaps a ship stuck in a canal or any number of crazy factors, the vanities that his client wanted could not be had. Chris sent me some images from web sites of the needed vanities and I went to work.

The Plan: The first vanity needed a reclaimed barn-wood look while the second was to be darker and more modern. I made both from furniture grade plywood and actual walnut or reclaimed barn wood (white oak).

I was able to get some very nice walnut and maple plywood. The maple plywood would later be treated with Varathane Wood Accelerator to get that natural weathered look

Photos from the vanity that needed the rustic look:

Here are some of the photos from the walnut vanity:

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  1. Jamie Aughenbaugh

    Wow! This looks like an ambitious project. I’m always so impressed with the work that you do. I’d love to have some of Gary’s custom pieces in our home at some point. 🙂