Custom Cabinets with Shelves

A friend (Ali) reached out to me with a few drawings, the goal? To make better use of the space beside her fireplace. We exchanged ideas, me sending her an ideas from Sketchup and she would send back another drawing, and soon enough we settled on a plan and started the build. I worked on it in stages starting first on the base cabinets, then a few weeks later I made the upper shelving.

Ever notice that brick walls are not necessarily even? One pays more attention to these things when the goal is to have a flush cabinet sitting between it and the adjacent wall. So to get a perfect fit I made one unit 23.5 inches wide and the other 24 inches wide. I’m not going to bore you with a play by play of the build, but check out the galleries below as there were no shortcuts in this custom build 🙂



The Base cabinet build:

Making of the upper shelves:

Thanks for viewing!

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