Mardi Gras Picture Frame

A wonderful Christmas from Kristi’s sister, gave me an opportunity to make a frame with some amazing hardwoods. What was the present? A limited edition print by Terrance Osborne, thanks Jenny! As soon as I opened it I started thinking of how I would make the frame and then of wood types to use. Purple heart was obvious, but the idea to use padauk, a brown/orange wood came to me a bit later, in fact it was almost a year before I even started working on the frame. During that time I watched lots of youtube videos and then I found one by Jon Peters where he used angled wood tiled pieces in alternating directions to make a unique frame, and I knew how I wanted to make this frame.

I used cherry, to balance the bold purple and orange/brown woods used in the tiles. I also kept the edge detailing to a minimum, using only a simple round over. I made a couple different tiles and chose the one that Kristi liked and inserted them in the frame. The purple heart and padauk really made the colors in the artwork come to life (dare I say pop?) and it was as simple as that! I put it behind glass and hung it on the wall – done. Come visit and check it out, I’m pretty happy with it!

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