Shou Sugi Ban Plant Stand

My favorite projects are when clients give me free will to create. My goal in these circumstances is create a unique piece that meets their needs is functional and perhaps, be a conversation starter (in a good way). This post is all about a simple plant stand, that I hope will stand out.

Johnny; who I met by chance on a local facebook group asked for 2 plant stands. The only requirement was that they each hold a 10 and a 12 inch pot. I did some Etsy searches and then started my design in Sketch Up and in the end I came up with this:

I knew he was putting in pretty large plants and this simple design with legs that are 30 degrees offset needed some strengthening, so I added loose tenons where the aprons meet in the center.

For this project I wanted to use a burnt wood finish; Shou Sugi Ban which originated in 18th century Japan. It’s a striking method to preserve wood. Shou Sugi Ban – Literally translating to “burnt cedar board” and involves the scorching wooden boards with a torch, cooling the wood, softening the char with a wire brush, removing dust, and, topping the wood with natural oils.

Johnny was thrilled with the end results and I got to feel like an artisan while playing with fire 🙂 Here is a gallery from the build with customer photos of the stand actually holding plants. Let me know your thoughts or if your plants could use a stand.

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