Lawn Mower Caddy

A few years back after nearly falling through the floor of my shed I decided to build a new space and to make it big enough to also double as a woodworking shop. Not thinking that I would ever do a lot of woodworking I decided on the shop size, and made it big enough to also house my lawnmower, rakes and such. Shortly after its completion I realized that I was sort of living in my woodworking shop and every inch counted. So it was time to build the Lawn Mower Caddy.

A trip to Lowes, a visit to and a weekend, was what I planned and for the most part I was correct, except it was more like 6 trips to Lowes. Built out of 2×4, cedar slats for the walls and cedar shingles the construction was pretty straight forward. I put my nail guns to use and had the rear wall assembled in about 2 hours. The shed was to set against the home where the spigot lived I boxed out a window for it’s access, since that spigot was merely a supply line to a front and rear garden hose spigots this was not a hindrance, plus the shed would winterize the spigot in winter, a bonus as no one wants a frozen spigot. I carefully chose the roof angle, meaning whatever I ended up with worked, decided of the door size and before I knew it I had my mower in it’s caddy.

Building this reminded me of my dad, he had built a very large shed to house his riding mower, however his push mower lived outside near our basement door. To keep the water off of the mower he built this box that was just big enough to fit over the mowers engine, it had slots for the wires, and was very detailed. It left the handle and some of the deck exposed to the elements. To mow just lift off the box start the motor and push. That mower always started and the yard always needed mowing.

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