Kristi’s End Tables

My wife, who has been home now for almost a year, started a simple conversation with her friend Jennifer who is an interior designer with Haven Home Solutions. Which lead to overhauling our living room and plenty of honey do projects for me. Now mind you, I completely enjoyed each and every one of these projects. With these end tables, we have reached the end (the end of the projects that are associated with the living room overhaul anyway).

Kristi wanted functional end tables that would take up the space between the couch and the far walls as well as have storage for blankets. She also wanted the feel of a floating shelf. She sent me some links to end tables she liked and with that I started designing in Sketchup.

We decided on walnut legs and to use teak plywood that I had recently picked up. The first thing I built was the box section and I did this at the same time that I was working on the waterfall table, since they had the same construction. Then on to the legs, after milling the walnut and getting the angles, I used slip tenons to lock them all in place. Next was the floating top and finally the doors. Kristi was very persistent that the grain of the doors should make a “v”. I certainly made this sound difficult and wasteful but it was her plan I just needed to follow it. So I did. I ended up cutting 4 sets of doors, and then picked the best ones that made the “v” I then added the walnut accent, installed the european hidden hinges (pain in the butt) finish with polyurethane and lastly the final touch, the brass door knobs. Done.

Kristi is very happy, and I’m certain she’s plotting more home improvements ๐Ÿ™‚

PS (This is Kristi) Yes, I am. ๐Ÿ˜€

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