Marble Display Case x6

A major project for me was to make 6 wooden briefcases and it was my first job for a commercial client. Rugo Stone, reached out to me and needed a way to display and transport marble samples.

The case needed to be strong, durable and visually appealing. I chose white oak, which has a beautiful grain. It also would not distract from the marble. I had used white oak as an accent wood in several projects, but never as the main wood. I love how these cases turned out and I have a new fondness of white oak.

Designing the case was a challenge, the marble samples needed to fit snugly under the lip and they would need to be occasionally switched out. Rugo wanted his logo etched in and the case needed strong dependable handles, and a latch.

I effectively made to frames hinged them together. I held the marble samples down by a center “T. The T will be held down with a few screws, remove the center pieces and the samples could be replaced.

I made a test case to test out my design out of pine, once I was happy I milled up some quarter sawn oak, and started work. It was a unique experience trying to figure out the best way to batch out all the parts needed for all the cases. I discovered that I didn’t actually own enough clamps, which I had said many times, but this time it was true. I don’t think many of you will want a wooden briefcase, but if you do, feel free to order 6 as now I have both the know how and the clamps.

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