Custom Vanity

I was contacted by someone from our neighborhood who found me from the Jefferson Manor Facebook page. She needed a custom vanity made and she needed it on a deadline.

If you have been in our home or any in our neighborhood (some 500 homes) you will soon realize that they all have the same floor print, and the same small upstairs bathroom. When neighbors visit, we love discussing the homes various remodels and exchanging ideas. So, I completely understood her plight when she discovered that the vanity she wanted wouldn’t fit, and the contractor needed the vanity within the next 3 weeks. She sent me images of the vanity she wanted along with the needed size. I was able to mockup a basic sketch and we had it finalized in a few days.

The construction was with 3/4 plywood and 2×4’s. I squared up and and glued the 2×4’s for the legs and glued the plywood with pocket screws. The bottom shelf was the tricky requiring notches for the legs. The next step was painting, I started with an oil base primer, she wanted it glossy white, and nothing does glossy better, and to be on the safe side I primed it twice. Putting on the ultra glossy white paint was time consuming but I’m not an experienced painter of anything and painting furniture is another matter altogether, just go slow and paint in thin coats to keep the runs down.

When I look at mass produced vanities, made of particleboard with thin legs and staples, I sorta shake my head. I’m glad I could help out a neighbor and deliver something to her that fit and that I knew was well built. Let me know if you would like something custom built.

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