Walnut Monitor Riser

I was approached by Nick to make his home work environment both ergonomically better and aesthetically pleasing. Knowing that his wife is a professional interior designer I obviously wanted to bring my “A” game.

Nick gave me very precise measurements and he wanted walnut. I love working with walnut and I had a nice figured slab already in my shop, which was just large enough for the top and it was an inch thick, exactly the look I wanted. For the legs I found some more walnut that matched the thickness, but didn’t have the overall width so I glued them up in panels. Then I setup my dado set and finger-joint jig and made a miny test version. Happy with the results. I held my breath and started on the cuts and it all fit together perfectly as planned. I love it when finger joints come together (aka John “Hannibal Smith, A-Team)!

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