Picture Frame for wall mounted TV

We recently moved the TV to a new location, we also recently did a full living room remodel (more on that later). Wanting to get the television as tight to the wall as possible, we upgraded the wall mount to the thinnest one we could find. The new location is near a passthrough to the kitchen so not having it stick out is important. I was able to reroute the wires and cables behind the wall coming up from the basement. I also moved an electrical outlet to set just behind the unit.

Framing out the television with cherry and walnut was completely my idea, but Kristi was on board and it turned out great. I think everyone should have a nice frame around their TV. Let me know if you would like one :).

Cutting holes in walls, not as scary as you think. My initial plan was to have the TV insert into the wall, remove the 2×4’s and create a pocket for it to sit in. However discovering a steel beam sort of stopped that in its tracks. I did however, install 1/4 sheetrock instead of the normal 1/2 inch which set the entire unit closer to the wall by a whopping .25 inches!

I’m glad I was already planning on covering up that reveal with a nice frame 🙂

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