The background to this request was pretty unusual – in that I met Sharpie through the IT desk at my day job and a chat that ensued about various windows I had open on my screen. Long story short, she learned that I do laser cut jewelry and was interested in commissioning something. I learned that SHE is a BADASS.

DaPurpleSharpie is waaay more than your average video game fanatic, despite how she describes herself in bios. She has 38K subscribers and more than 6.3 MILLION views on YouTube. I’m not sure what Twitch is but she’s there too, with all kinds of followers. Sharpie works as a fighting game community organizer, uses her platform to showcase indie games, and is a co-founder of Combo Queens: an org dedicated to helping encourage female and non-binary people to become more involved in the fighting game community. She’s also cute as heck on Insta

We were talking about earrings…. RIGHT.
She wanted them BIG and BOLD to make a statement. These are BIG. The wood block is finished birch measuring 2.5″ + a 2″ drop. Clearly legible to her competitors on the other side of the screen. I just shipped an order of 25 pairs of earrings to her sponsors to be sold through her platforms. You ladies tell ’em and keep kicking ass.

kristi (obviously)

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